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Our Services

Offering everything from comprehensive deep cleans to routine maintenance, Cleaner Brigade provides customized weekly and monthly cleaning services right to your doorstep.

Our services include:

Why Choose Cleaner Brigade?

Discover the Cleaner Brigade Difference: Where Each Cleaning is Uniquely Tailored to You, and Every Single Detail Counts. 

Choose from a wide range of customized cleaning options designed to suit your specific needs.

▶ Secure Online Booking

▶ Pet Friendly

▶ Hand Vetted Cleaners

▶ Custom Plans


How Often Should I Use Professional Cleaning Services?

One-Time Cleaning To transform your space into a spotless haven, free from allergens and as pristine as a new home.

Move-Out Cleaning To guarantee that your previous home is immaculately clean and welcoming for the new homeowners upon moving.

HolidayCleaning Prepare your home for celebrations and gatherings with a comprehensive, festive-ready cleaning service.

Home Sale Prep Cleaning Showcase a dazzlingly clean home to captivate potential buyers and impress real estate professionals.

Autumn & Spring Cleaning Revitalize your space with seasonal deep cleans, ensuring a consistently fresh and inviting atmosphere year-round.

Special Event Cleaning Get your space party-ready with professional cleaning assistance, ensuring a spotless setting for your gatherings and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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